The KB Medical Injection Assist Device

KB Medical LLC has developed an inexpensive, single-use, disposable 3D-printed accessory device that attaches to a standard syringe after it has been filled with neurotoxin. In addition to liquid medicines such as Botox®, the device can easily be adapted to support a wide variety of applications for other fluid materials such as flowable gels, matrices and adhesives that also require introduction via a syringe.

Working and feeling like a standard syringe, each time the thumb presses the plunger a single exact unit of neurotoxin is delivered to the injection site. Tactile feedback and a soft audible “click” are provided as valuable features to assist the user in rapid injection. Importantly, the device can easily be configured to accommodate different syringe sizes and dosing requirements. Our device is tamper proof, foolproof and poised to become the standard way neurotoxin will be injected in the future.

The KB Medical Injection Assist Device is the only device with published findings of comparative dose accuracy and precision versus freehand delivery in the peer-reviewed literature. Accuracy values achieved with standard freehand delivery were 10 times worse than with the injection assist device, and precision estimates ranged from 2.2 to 5.4 times worse with freehand. Additionally, product waste at the injection site due to needle dripping was almost 3 times worse with freehand injection compared to injection with the KB Medical device. Importantly, 14 of 15 (93%) experienced injectors surveyed in a qualitative market analysis stated they would use the device in daily practice if it were included complimentary with the neurotoxin.

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